Coin trading P. Kapaan & K. Mades GbR – pkkmgbr for short – has been operating as a professional coin dealership since 1995, trading in coins, medals and other numismatic products of all sorts both nationally and internationally.

We specialize, in particular, in numismatics of the Middle Ages through to the modern period, from Andorra to Cyprus.

We buy, sell and appraise coins, make sales on commission, work on your lists of missing pieces and gladly provide professional advice on all other aspects of your coin collection.

As a member of the Association of German Coin Dealers (Verband der deutschen Münzenhändler e.V. / V.d.d.M. e.V.), we offer you a guarantee that our goods are genuine and that we will reimburse the full purchase price if even we are deceived by a forgery. If you would like to find out more, please feel free visit our association website. You will find the link to the “Head of Mercury”, our association logo, on the “Links” menu.

There are also references to other websites that may be of interest to you on the “Links” menu. We would like to draw your attention expressly to our General Terms & Conditions of Business and the other legal information provided in accordance with the relevant legislation (the German Telemedia Act, for example).


We look forward to hearing from you soon,

P. Kapaan & K. Mades

Current offers

ID 2714000908

1.750,00 €

Taler 1811
L CT Nassau PCGS MS62

ID 2714100908

3.400,00 €

Dukat 1756
IHL Hamburg-Stadt PCGS MS63

ID 2698900908

2.450,00 €

1/6 Taler 1823
Hessen-Kassel PCGS MS66

ID 2714200908

4.250,00 €

Taler 1652
Münster,Bistum PCGS MS62

ID 2714400908

4.950,00 €

Taler 1761
GAS/G Schleswig-Holstein-Plön PCGS MS61

ID 2705200908

250,00 €

1/4 Rupie 1891
Deutsch Ostafrika PCGS MS65